System Development

We create a useful and good system.

In the development of the times, more work is required to work faster and more precisely. It’s a shame this job seems impossible, if the company or organization does not have an information system. Therefore, we provide information system creation services to its maintenance.

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Android/IOS App Development
System Development
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Sistem informasi berdasarkan Website dan Aplikasi (apps android/ios)

We developed an information system that has been widely used by various companies such as WHO, KKP, PUPR, Ministry of Health and private companies such as SINAR MAS LAND. We started the work process starting from several stages such as: Brief details in terms of functions, users and media regarding the application to be built. Then proceed with wireframe and user flow. After that, continue with the design and theme. And programming with Android and IOS base. When it’s finished, it’s ready to launch in the browser or on the google/ios store.

Testing dan Review

Every work that has been completed, we do testing and review first.

CMS & Database System

CMS : This system will easily help manage and manage content contained in mobile applications, websites.
Database: Collecting data easily through the system can save time which is stored on a local server or cloud for later processing.
Automatically will lighten your work!

System Development

System Development is a web application that is easily accessible, effective and attractive, the process to get there is complicated and complicated. However, don’t let this stop you from letting us make your app dreams come true.

We will work closely with you in every phase of the application development process to ensure the final product is a perfect match for your needs and your business model. Our dedicated development team will provide you with a report and are ready at any time for any questions, comments or issues.

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System Development Process

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